Gun Drilling

At Superior Machine & Tool, we offer deep hole gun drilling to depths up to 12” for parts up to 1.5” in diameter. Our micro-precision drilling equipment is capable of drilling holes between ±0.04” and 0.25” in diameter while maintaining tolerances as tight as ±0.020”. Using this advanced equipment, angle, blind, concentric, intersection, and flat bottom holes can be drilled in a wide range of materials including alloy steel and titanium.

All necessary tooling and fixtures are designed and fabricated in-house, affording us complete control over the quality of parts we produce. Our micro-precision deep hole drilling is widely utilized by customers in the firearm industry, but especially when combined with one of our other machining services. This process has widespread applications in a broad range of industries including the medical and aerospace sectors.

Depending on the material and hole size, feed rates up to 40 inches per minute are possible, and drilling can be performed on multiple spindles, expediting total processing time. Tool breakage monitoring systems track the cutting tool in real time to prevent scrap material, which is especially important when drilling high-cost alloys.

Our engineering and design abilities range from building parts according to provided technical prints all the way to complete design support and solid modeling. Our quality is backed by an extensive history in the machining industry and our ISO 9001:2008 certification. We also provide numerous secondary services such as grinding, plating, and polishing for customers who are seeking a single-source manufacturing solution. For additional information about our micro precision gun hole drilling capabilities, contact us directly.

Micro Gun Drilling Machine

Micro Gun Drilling Machine

Micro-gun Drill

Micro-gun Drill

Inside Gun Drill

Inside Gun Drill

Precihole Micro-gun Drill

1mm(0.04″) – 6mm(0.25″) Drilling Diameter

12″ Hole Depth in 1.5″ Component OD

1 or 2 Spindles (1.5 HP)

1,000-25,000 RPM

Feed Rates from 0-40 IPM

Tool Breakage Monitoring

Linear Motion Guideways

Hole Types

Ball End
Cross Cavity
Flat Bottom

Drilling Diameter

1 to 6 mm
0.04 to 0.25 in

Drilling Depth

12 in

Component Outer Diameter

1.5 in

Revolutions per Minute

1000 to 25000 rpm

Feed Rates

0 to 40 in/min

Precihole Micro-gun Drill

Linear Motion Guideways
Tool Breakage Monitoring

Tight Tolerances(±)

0.020 in

Equipment Capabilities

CAM Programming Services
CAM Works Design Services
CNC Control Capabilities
Reverse Engineering


Cone jaw Centers
Four-jaw chuck
In-House Fixturing & Tooling
Three-jaw chuck

Secondary Services Offered

Centerless Grinding
Deep hole Drilling
Etch and Chromating

  • Blanchard
  • OD
  • Surface

Counter Sinking
Heat Treating

Advantages of Turning

Materials compatible
Short lead times
Tight tolerances


Job Boss Software
TQS Software

Production Volume

High Volume
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Low Volume
Specialty Production Shop

Lead Times Available

Emergency services available
Quoted on job by job basis
Rush Services Available

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008 (International Organization for Standardization)

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