Adjusting Screw

Adjusting Screw

Adjusting Screw

Adjusting Screw

Adjusting Screw

At Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we provide competitive lead times for machining components, often turning around projects in a matter of weeks. We were recently tasked with manufacturing 2400 Adjusting Screws for a client in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Despite the order requiring the production of thousands of components, we were able to turn the order around and have it ready for pickup within two weeks.

As is the case with many of our jobs, the component featured intricacies and precise geometries, including a threaded end and a small, 2.59 millimeter hole drilled through the cylinder perpendicularly. Using our Citizen Swiss L20 machining centers, two of the seven Swiss machining centers we have in-house, we produced the parts quickly and to the client’s specifications. The stainless steel parts are less than 51 millimeters in length, but despite their small size, we were able to produce them down to tolerances of 0.025 millimeters.

The client also required the parts be finished clean and free of burrs. Once again, we were up to the task. At Superior Machine & Tool, we have the ability to finish parts to a number of requirements, from simple cleaning to plating and anodizing. The client picked up their components, but delivery is available in certain cases.

Even for small components, we at Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc are able to machine precision features and deliver the components quickly. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have years of knowledge and experience to guide us. For additional information about our wide range of capabilities, please contact us directly.

Components Produced

Adjustment Screws

Machining Processes

Swiss Machining

Secondary Processes



51 mm


Stainless Steel


0.025 mm

Special Features

Hole Drilling
Outer Threading


496 Units

Lead Time

2 w


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