Path Reamer Shaft

Path Reamer

Path Reamer

Path Reamer

Path Reamer

Path Reamer

Path Reamer

At Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we were tasked with machining a set of Path Reamer Shafts for a client in Indiana. The client asked for a run of 130 components. With our capabilities in manufacturing and finishing, we were able to complete the project and have it ready for the client within a few weeks of the original order date.

With seven Swiss Machining centers available at our facilities, we used our two Citizen Swiss L20 machines to manufacture these parts. Our various machining centers give the precision necessary in many manufacturing jobs, and they were perfect for the bar stock needed for these components. After machining, the Path Reamer Shafts were inspected to ensure uniformity and accuracy, washed, and packed to the client’s specifications. The components were ready within four weeks of the original order date, highlighting our ability to complete jobs quickly. In special cases, emergency and rush services are available.

Clients choose us because of our ability to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of machining capabilities performed in-house, secondary services available, and the knowledge to implement these processes successfully, we at Superior Machine & Tool can provide quality work for our clients. For more information on our capabilities, please contact us today.

Components Produced

Path Reamer Shafts

Machining Processes

Swiss Machining

Secondary Processes



130 Units

Lead Time

4 w


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