Piston Bottom

Piston Bottom

Piston Bottom

Piston Bottom

Piston Bottom

Components are often measured by their performance under stress and ability to resist wear. At Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we can be trusted with machining these critical components with great care and precision. We were recently contracted to produce a run of 500 Piston Bottoms for a client located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition to being critical parts of the client’s assemblies, the parts contained minute physical details and complex geometries. With our wide range of available machining processes, secondary services, and finishing capabilities, we were able to complete the project to our client’s approval.

Starting with stock material, we had to perform a number of machining capabilities to produce the parts as requested. Our knowledge of machining processes was critical in planning the manufacturing process. The stock was cut to size and turned on one of our Puma Lathes. Next, the cold rolled steel parts were drilled and deburred. Finally, the parts were delivered to the client. Our capabilities allow us to be a one-stop shop, taking jobs from initial machining through finishing and delivery.

When critical parts are needed, it’s important to choose a supplier who understands machining processes. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a wide range of capabilities, extensive knowledge, and a long history in the industry, we at Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc. are perfect for these sorts of jobs. To learn more about our machining processes, contact us directly.

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