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Power Tube

Power Tube

Power Tube

Power Tube

At Superior Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we are trusted by our clients to complete orders to their exact specifications, even when the job requires several machining and finishing processes. Our diverse set of available manufacturing processes allows us to complete jobs from start to finish. A great example of our abilities, we were recently contracted by a client to produce a run of Power Tubes for their sporting goods equipment. We succeeded meeting our client’s requirements with our knowledge and expertise of precision machining.

With an order of 3000 components, it was important for us to manage our production schedule and complete the job within the required timeframe. We utilized several precision processes, including Swiss machining for initial production, washing, and deburring. To create a small, 0.055 inch hole that originated on the small end of each power tube, we used our precision reaming and drilling capabilities. Finally, the aluminum parts were Type II anodized black to the client’s specifications.

We at Superior Machine & Tool take pride on our ability to perform a variety of manufacturing tasks for our clients. From small and large production runs, for parts with simple or complex geometries, we have the expertise and processes to complete your job. For additional information about our extensive array of machining capabilities, contact us directly.

Components Produced

Power Tubes

Machining Processes

Swiss Machining
Reaming & Drilling

Secondary Processes



1.983 in


0.864 in




3000 Units

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